nomad living by studio arte is a shipping container retreat

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studio arte has been exploring the notion of nomad living in their architectural practice, resulting in a series of shipping container structures that they see serving a multitude of purposes: a start up for young home owners, a holiday home, a concept for holiday resort planners, a shed for guests, a home office, a home studio, a pop-up, or a hotel room. one of the first prototypes they have realized is situated in the picturesque region of algarve, portugal, where the experimental firm has transformed a single standard shipping container module into a getaway retreat. boldly painted in orange to compliment the lush surrounding greenery, the structure features a wide deck that runs along the entire frontage of the dwelling, extending the narrow space outwards thus opening up the interior to the exterior via large glass sliding doors. the shelter includes living, eating, and wash areas and responds to the site’s local bureaucratic building regulations. ‘nomad living’ is a mobile, sustainable and economical getaway–a functional shell that can be transformed by adding various architectural, mechanical and engineering features.

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2013-10-05 00:34:20
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