mariko mori: infinite renew at espace louis vuitton tokyo

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redefining the architecture of the espace louis vuitton are eight monumental pieces by internationally-renowned japanese artist mariko mori. the exhibition ‘infinite review’ amasses sculptures and experiential installations in a series of works that metaphorically reflect the never ending circulation of life and death as well as fragments from the artist’s personal experiences. towering above visitors and traversing the space between the floor and ceiling are a triptych of luminous spirals. the soaring ‘infinite energy’ series is a visualization of an invisible force, felt and seen through their unseen participation with gallery entrants. LED lights corkscrew around the form changing chroma, variating through hues of blues, purples, and cyan based on nearby movement, detected by real-time monitors. the interface with visitors as they approach lends a sense of universal dynamism to the sculptural work. for their installation, the aerial structures required a nine part division, dissembling from spain and transferred, reconstructed, and finally illuminated in the space-specific site in tokyo. the three pieces are ‘purely based on my imagination‘ mariko mori explains, ‘how I picture energy flowing’.

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