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to be completed in 2014, the 'super market in sanya lake park' proposal by dutch firm NL architects features an underground extension of public space
under an elevated terraced garden in the southernmost city of china. the complex located in sanya resort will include three residential towers standing
21 stories tall with integrated semi-enclosed gardens. between the structures, a considerable amount of landscaping and pavilion designs are being
implemented to create an interactive environment activated with social, commercial, and recreational activities. the triangular shaped supermarket will
occupy much of this shared exterior space, and unlike a traditional supermarket that extends horizontally, imposing on a large expanse of land, the sanya
market will instead be located partially underground, connecting to each of the towers subterraneously and concealing the logistical factors of waste removal
and product delivery from public view. the roof plane is composed of a series of extruded stepped contours containing lush gardens that grow at the vertices
to expose large curtain walls, smaller retail shops, and marking the entrances to the structure. from the surrounding towers, the market structure appears
to be a raised green terrain while at street level exposes the layering of program and circulation towards a market core.

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